Insights — Branding, Brain Drain and Budgets, Oh My

Branding, Brain Drain and Budgets, Oh My

Thought leadership / May 06, 2022
A new podcast hosted by Jaime Hunt, Miami University's CMO, Confessions of a Higher Ed CMO features conversations between Jaime and higher ed marketing experts to discuss the unique opportunities and challenges that the industry provides. 
This podcast really targets the higher ed community. Of course, there will be things that can cross over and have value in other industries, but I want this to be the space where we can really take deep dives into the questions and complexities of our field and help each other find answers.
- Jamie Hunt
In episode two, Jaime sat down with SimpScar CEO Jason Simon, where the two discussed industry lalbor shortages, martech challenges, and the ever-constant need for additional resources, pulling data from our CMO Study and our upcoming higher ed marketing salary & professional development study.


The CMO Study is intended to be a resource that can higher ed marketers can share with their Presidents, Chancellors, and Boards to make the case for the strategic value of marketing in higher ed. 

In addition to her role as CMO and host of the Confessions podcast, Jaime is a regular Forbes contributor, industry thought leader on marketing leadership, and maintains an active Twitter following

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