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Announcements , Resources , Thought leadership / January 25, 2019

On January 14th, TV, radio and digital channels across the Midwest started rolling out our latest creative multimedia campaign for Indiana Tech.

We are beyond excited to see this work takeoff into the world, especially as it helps promote our great friends and strategic partners in Fort Wayne.

The Client.

Since the first day of our work with Indiana Tech, SimpsonScarborough learned never to underestimate what this institution was capable of.

For better or for worse, the word “tech” often is seen as limiting in the higher ed space. But for the Warriors at IT, tech is hardly a constraint. It’s the starting point of a powerful story that needs to be told. Indiana Tech has a campus in Fort Wayne serving traditional undergraduates, as well as 18 regional campuses across Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, and Indiana serving adults seeking to continue their professional studies. Its offerings and the people it serves are hardly limited.

Our robust quantitative research confirmed this hypothesis. So, we dug into the data and created a strategic platform for telling (and showing) the IT story. Building on that solid foundation, we then developed a big creative idea, and corresponding brand identity, that tied all of our insights together:

At its core, tech is the practical application of knowledge. It’s transforming everything we learn into everything we’re capable of doing. For centuries it has enhanced our minds, enabled us to see farther than ever before, and empowered us to live better, more fruitful lives.

The resulting creative work was unveiled to an internal audience of more than 500 faculty and staff and was met with a standing ovation.

The Campaign.

When our partners at Indiana Tech asked us to help them with a 360° ad campaign — building on our past year of research, strategy, and creative work — it didn’t take long to send our response, “Tech Yeah.”

We set out to answer the big question: how do we create a campaign that actually shows people the true comprehensive nature of IT’s offerings? How do we spark a conversation that expands the relevant regional perceptions about this high-quality, hard-working university in Fort Wayne, Indiana?

In this case, we started with the big story, we focused the campaign on the three biggest offers at Indiana Tech — and we turned up the volume.

Learn It: Academics.

Live It: Student Life.

Bring It: Sports & Recreation.

Finally, we expanded the story (and the conversation) to show the many ways Indiana Tech makes a real impact on people and their careers.


The Takeaway.

Every day, Indiana Tech helps people pull their distant dream into broad daylight, where they can see it, try it, and grasp it for themselves. The long-term goal of our work with this amazing client is to help illuminate that truth to the world.

"Warrior students and alumni have always known Indiana Tech as a place where people achieve remarkable things every day. We’re a university that helps our students, faculty, and staff reach for a brighter future. The Go for IT campaign created by our partners at SimpsonScarborough not only captures this idea perfectly, it also helps us reach prospective students, partners, and community members to make sure these audiences are aware of — and inspired by — our Indiana Tech story."

Brian Engelhart, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Indiana Tech

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