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How to Reach Gen Z, Part 2: Messaging

This is part 2 of our 3 part series on Gen Z, where we share trends, key takeaways, and actionable insights from our research on Gen Z. 

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The Pressure to be Perfect

A few months ago, a client launched their new brand creative, including a new identity system. I spent the better part of two days on Reddit reviewing comments and memes from students on the...

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Best Practices of Higher Ed Web Design

So you're about to embark on your next .edu redesign. One of the crucial first steps is to know your audiences and to know them well (hint: it's not your administration, faculty, or board.) This...

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AMA 2019: Let’s Try Something New

If you left the 2019 AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education after the first ten minutes, you might have gone straight home to close up shop at the university marketing and...

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An Interview with SimpsonScarborough's Creative Director, Cole Londeree
Cole Londeree is SimpsonScarborough's recently promoted Creative Director, overseeing an ever-growing creative team of six including graphic designers, copywriters, and videographers. She reports...
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An Uncommon Approach to an Uncommon Campaign
The Campaign for the Uncommon Good was taking shape long before we ever arrived on campus, but to see it cast into public view — and inch ever-closer to its goal of $275 million — makes it all...
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A Year in the Life of Launching a Brand

College Homecoming – that unmistakable combination of crisp fall air, changing leaves, and deep nostalgia for days gone by. But there's also something about being on a college campus that feels...

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Time to tidy up your [.edu]

Each time we are engaged in a higher education website redesign, we find ourselves in a conversation about the purpose of the [.edu]. It serves many different audiences with vastly different...

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7 Steps To Optimizing Your Alumni Magazine Reader Engagement

A high-level college administrator once said to me that the institution’s most important publication was not the alumni magazine but the president’s annual report. From their point of view, the...

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We've got big news.

We are unabashedly proud to tell you that, this past summer, SimpsonScarborough acquired Knowble Media, a digital agency that specializes in website and video production for higher education.In...

What Type of Marketer Are You?

Not all higher ed marketers are created equal. Four main types exist today, and each can be identified by reporting structure, KPIs, relationships, and the tactical approaches they employ. While...

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How Social Listening Can Benefit Your Content Marketing

Here at SimpsonScarborough, we are increasingly adding social media audits and social listening trends analyses to our work with colleges and universities to help them develop and amplify more...

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Reaching Gen Z, Part 1: Paid Media Strategy

Gen Z is the most recent generation headed to college, and just to keep you on your toes, they bring their own particular set of values, beliefs, and preferences to the college-search...

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