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Hot Mics and High Fives: Launching a Brand in the Middle of a Pandemic

"The mic is still hot!"

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To Boycott or Not to Boycott

To be honest, that's not really the question. The question is really about what are you doing to address the issues that students care deeply about?

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Keeping Your Brand Relevant

Each year, the brand consultancy Prophet releases its Brand Relevancy Index. By their definition, relevant brands fall into four categories:

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Never Read the Comments

In the last few weeks, a number of colleges and universities have made announcements to remove statues and artwork with racist lineages. The news has been received positively by many but, as...

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Product, Place, Price, and Packaging

When the marketplace gets cloudy or uncertain, I go back to MKTG 301: Intro to Marketing at Auburn. I want to remember the basics and how they are applicable today. I thought a lot about the 4 Ps...

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The Time for Marketing Integration is Now

Editor's Note: Please see our most recent National Student Survey that demonstrates the strong correlation between effective communications and overall perception of the institution, and how that...

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This Is What Brands Are Made For

The other day, one of my coworkers shared a video on our company's Teams channel that was making the social media rounds. She posted it with just one word of commentary: "Savage." And it was....

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Summer Melt, Moms, and an Ill-fated Timeout
In between Zoom calls yesterday with family and watching  The Fab Five 30 for 30, I remembered my first college visit. Specifically, April 5, 1993. I was sitting on the edge of a hotel room bed...
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May 1 Deadline, Fall Planning, and Three Luke Skywalkers

Today is May the 4th. Which is either Star Wars Day or the first business day after May 1, depending on your priorities. While many schools have pushed the traditional enrollment deadline, most...

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Consumers Will Lead Marketers Through Turbulent Times

Each morning the past several weeks have started the same for most of us. We climb out of bed, scroll the news websites, or turn on the TV and see how things have evolved over the few hours of...

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Yes, your admissions website traffic is slowing down

You're reading your Google Analytics reports correctly. That's a 30-day dip in your website traffic — and it's accelerating. 

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Let's Be Honest

Ah, the internet. Way back in 1994, Bryant Gumbel, Katie Couric, and others pondered what it was and what it may become. Today, Al Gore's seminal invention (or Stanford's or UCLA's or MIT's –...