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Building Marketing Momentum

In the 1970s, a seasoned entrepreneur made an interesting acquisition.

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Agency News — Spring 2023

We are thrilled to welcome the newest members of the SimpsonScarborough team! It's incredibly rewarding to bring aboard such incredible talent and some of the genuinely best people from the world of...

Changes to GA4 Metrics You Need To Know

Many articles, presentations, and how-to guides have heralded the end of Universal Analytics (UA) for months. You may already have some GA4 properties set up, or you have plans to transition soon. 

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What Gives? SimpsonScarborough's 2023 Alumni Philanthropy Study Webinar

We are proud to announce the upcoming release of SimpsonScarborough's 2023 Alumni Philanthropy Study!

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Five Questions with Executive Creative Director Mick Sutter

After a very competitive six-month search, we are excited to announce that Mick Sutter joined SimpsonScarborough as Executive Creative Director in early March.

Brand Ex Machina: Can AI Help Build Authentic Brands?

In October 2021, I wrote an article about AI copywriting software. After testing several programs, I concluded the bots posed neither a threat nor seemed particularly useful to writers at that point...

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Agency News - Celebrating Black History Month

Black History Month provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the significant contributions that Black people have made to society, and it's important that we recognize the incredible impact that...

Universities are Big Brands (So Why Don't We Treat Them as Such?)

What qualifies an entity as a big brand? Is it sheer size? Market cap or total revenues? Market share in their particular category? Societal impact? Large fan bases? Use or interaction in our...

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Agency News — Winter 2023

The beginning of 2023 brings us another new group of talented individuals joining our agency. We are thrilled to welcome them into the fold! Please join us in congratulating the newest members of the...

Higher Ed's 2023 Resolution: Brand Management

Airplane flights are usually a time of reflection for me. Nothing like 4-6 hours tightly packed with a bunch of strangers to clear my head. 

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Agency News — Fall 2022

We have been busy welcoming an extremely talented slate of individuals who, in a very short time, have already impacted the agency in meaningful ways. Please join us in congratulating the newest...

Breaking Brand

On August 15, Better Call Saul aired its final episode, concluding a seven-year and six-season run as one of television’s most compelling and complex dramas. Over 2.7 million viewers tuned in for the...

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We Need to Talk about Diversity in Higher Ed Marketing

We have a few sayings that have stuck over the past several years as we've evolved our agency, added services and talent, and participated in a lot of self-reflection. Among those frequently repeated...

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