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Here's to the heroes.

Though common long long before COVID-19 began, here's to the heroes has become the rallying cry as brands search for the right tone in which to connect their voices with the global pandemic. No...

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Leading with Empathy

Our team, like yours, has spent virtually every day since March 10th trying to understand what was happening. Each day came with new information. Each new piece of information came with major...

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5 Things to Remember While Advertising on Digital During a Crisis

While it remains a harrowing time in the world of higher education and beyond, SimpsonScarborough is thrilled to have Sara Wallace join our ranks as Director, Marketing & Media Strategy. Sara's...

SEO Writing and Higher Ed: Best Practices to Rank Higher and Better Inform Your Audience

Sure, you’ve done the homework. Maybe you’ve even hired a content strategist or SEO specialist. You get your monthly Google Analytics reports. You know this is what you should be doing, but is it...

Announcing the New CEO of SimpsonScarborough

Today, on our 13th Founder’s Day, I am extraordinarily proud to announce Jason Simon’s promotion to Chief Executive Officer of SimpsonScarborough. Jason Simon joined SimpsonScarborough six years...

Higher Ed Marketing's Missing Role: The Content Strategist
There's a hole in your org chart.

As big as it is, it's incredibly difficult to see because the role has yet to exist. It's a content strategist. Some institutions have content strategists. If...

What Exactly is Website Accessibility (And Why Does it Matter)?

When designing a new building there are laws the architect and contractor must follow to make sure the building is accessible to all people. These accessibility standards can be as straightforward...

The Blind Men and the Elephant

In the closing moments of the 2019 Brand New Conference, Forest Young (global principal and head of design at Wolff Olins) referenced the parable of the blind men and the elephant while recounting...

What Higher Ed Marketers Can Learn from Peloton (and Aviation Gin)

Just before the holidays, I got an email from a client and close friend who is the VP of Marketing at a small, private college. He wrote:

“Just launched this big digital campaign for our one of...

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How to Reach Gen Z, Part 2: Messaging

This is part 2 of our 3 part series on Gen Z, where we share trends, key takeaways, and actionable insights from our research on Gen Z. 

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The Pressure to be Perfect

A few months ago, a client launched their new brand creative, including a new identity system. I spent the better part of two days on Reddit reviewing comments and memes from students on the...

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Best Practices of Higher Ed Web Design

So you're about to embark on your next .edu redesign. One of the crucial first steps is to know your audiences and to know them well (hint: it's not your administration, faculty, or board.) This...

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AMA 2019: Let’s Try Something New

If you left the 2019 AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education after the first ten minutes, you might have gone straight home to close up shop at the university marketing and...

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