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Agency News — February 2022

We're proud to share the recent advancements and new additions to our growing team. It's incredibly rewarding to bring aboard such incredible talent and some of the genuinely best people from the...

What If Higher Ed Marketing Budgets Looked More Like the Corporate World?

Editor's Note: Back at AMA in 2019, I spoke with a CMO from a large public institution who shared his frustration for not only how his institution resourced its marketing efforts, but how they...

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The CMO Study is (almost) here

The Higher Ed CMO Study 

We're proud to announce the upcoming publishing of our 2021-22 Higher Ed CMO Study and want to invite you to join us for our webinar where we'll present the findings,...

Higher Ed CMO Study
Agency News — January 2022

We're always proud to share the advancements and new additions to our growing team, but this month we promoted two of our most esteemed colleagues and took some time to sit down with them to learn...

Reflecting On 2021: This Is Me Trying
It's the most wonderful time of the year. Food, families, giving, reflection, and the celebration of the glorious algorithmic geniuses behind Spotify's "Wrapped" telling me how I reflected on the...
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Performance-Driven Brands, Pt. II

Throughout much of the year, our team has been asking the question, "What's the future of higher ed marketing communications?" 

We've shared ideas, perspectives, and research on what's contributing...

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Why Community Colleges are the Hidden Gems of Higher Education

Honestly, you never know how good you've got it until you're talking with your friends one night and realizing how one big decision can really shape your whole life. This may sound a little corny,...

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Agency News — November 2021

We're proud to share the following advancements and new additions to our growing team. Read on for a bit of background on each person, and be sure to reach out to congratulate everyone on their new...

Have You Checked Your Website's HEART Health Lately?

Editor's Note: One of the fastest-growing divisions at SimpScar is our user experience team, and we recently spoke with our Director of UX, Lex Hade, who provided this overview for the Google HEART...

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Performance-Driven Brands (And Why They're the Future of Higher Ed Marcom)
The demographic cliff. COVID-19. Social and racial unrest and a renewed focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Challenges to mental health and the rise of the student voice. The elevation of...
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I, Copywriter: Is AI Copywriting a Replacement or a Tool?

Imagine you are a writer, by trade and by passion. You’ve spent years in the word processor trenches, honing your skill and maybe occasionally crying (just a little) over editing feedback.

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