Insights — Growing Gains: Announcing New Partners

Growing Gains: Announcing New Partners

Announcements , SimpScar Culture / July 27, 2022
Jason Simon
Jason Simon

In early June, SimpsonScarborough came together for our first in-person retreat since 2019. While some of us have worked together before, many of our colleagues met each other for the first time in this space. There were even a few who spent their first few days with SimpsonScarborough at the retreat!
Since 2021 (and amid a global pandemic, no less), SimpsonScarborough has doubled in size, with nearly 30 folks hired in 2022 alone. There have been many other changes as well - new services, leadership roles, and growth opportunities; changes to process and structure; a focus on building a more diverse team at all levels of the agency; and more intentional work with our client partnerships.
At the beginning of the retreat, Elizabeth and I spent some time sharing with the team how we had arrived at this point - it's easy to lose sight of the intentionality of decisions when you're in the middle of change. And at SimpsonScarborough, our choices have always been very deliberate. We have a focused vision around creating an inclusive work environment, positively impacting the institutions we work with and the CMOs leading their branding and marketing efforts. That vision began when Elizabeth founded the company with Christopher Simpson in 2006 and has carried us through our growth and evolution.

I joined SimpsonScarborough in 2014 with the intent to go deeper with our clients and support critical outcomes while advancing the strategic value that marcom has in meeting campus vision. We are fortunate to have built an amazingly talented team that shares our mission, vision, and values. Carrying this forward is a tremendous responsibility and honor for both Elizabeth and me.

That is why we are so pleased to announce three new partners to SimpsonScarborough: Matt McFadden (VP, Strategy), Meredith Simpson (VP, Research), and Bob Rafferty (VP, Digital & Creative) take on this level of leadership to help us continue executing our vision for the agency. 

Matt (our very own Ted Lasso) brings a sense of humility, grounded wisdom, and interconnectedness to all of our work. Bob joined us when we acquired his previous firm, Knowble, in 2019. His entrepreneurial spirit and ability to bring order and calm has been warmly welcomed. And Meredith was one of our very first employees and has been with the agency for nearly 16 years. She brings a depth of insight into our research foundation and orientation that is simply unmatched. Together, these new partners will help to ensure that the agency's growth and vision are sustained and that we continue to positively impact higher ed for years to come. 
We fully expect to have more exciting news to share in the months ahead. For now, please join all of us in congratulating our new partners, Matt, Bob, and Meredith! 

Jason is CEO & Partner at SimpsonScarborough. Before coming to SimpsonScarborough in 2014, Jason led the marketing communications teams for the University of California System and North Carolina State University. In 2013, he was named Higher Education Marketer of the Year by the American Marketing Association. Known for being our chief Peloton evangelist, he and his wife, Meredith, live in Oakland CA with their daughter, Amelia. Learn more about Jason here.

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