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SimpsonScarborough Speaks: Upcoming Presentations

Announcements , Events / July 20, 2022

The SimpsonScarborough team will be speaking at various conferences and events in the United States this summer and fall. Don't miss the chance to see our exciting work presented in person and catch up with our colleagues!
Editors note: This list will be updated as we add presentations and events to our schedule.

Steve App (AVP, Marketing & Business Development) will present at eduWeb on July 26-28 in Philadelphia, PA.

"Is This Fine? Higher Ed's Massive Marketing Retention Problem"
Wednesday, July 27 at 2:00pm EST

Higher education has faced a dizzying number of challenges in the past two years. Questions about affordability, accessibility, free speech, and Title IX, to name a few. Not to mention a global pandemic. Now, a new problem emerges. At the same time that society finds itself questioning the value of higher education like never before, new research from SimpsonScarborough shows that more than half of higher education communicators and marketers--the professionals chiefly responsible for communicating that value--are considering leaving the industry. Join SimpsonScarborough's Steve App in this session as he walks you through new data that shows how the Great Resignation is playing out in higher ed marketing. You'll learn what is driving marketers at different seniority levels out of the industry, and why salary levels explain only part of this potential exodus. 

Sara Wallace (AVP, Media and Marketing Strategy) is presenting at the Tennessee College Public Relations Association (TCPRA) Annual Conference on July 27 -29 in Gaitlinburg, TN.
“Digital Marketing & the Impact of a Cookie-Less World”

Highly personalized, multi-moment brand experiences are what capture and captivate audiences in today's cluttered, digital-first world. Personalization is crucial to building consistent and authentic brand experiences — which underpin trust; something that has been increasingly fragile — especially in higher education — since the pandemic started. Attendees of this session will learn how to create an impactful brand experience for audiences in a privacy-centric landscape.

Jason Simon (CEO & Partner) will speak the Campus Communication Forum on August 11 at North Carolina State University.

"Hot Ones: How HigherEd MarCom Pros Can Handle the Heat"

Think sitting in a seat eating fiery wings and confessing your deepest thoughts is tough?? Try sitting in a lead MarCom seat in higher ed these days!! While marketing communications professionals have finally ascended to a strategic role at many colleges and universities, the pressures associated with the job push past a Carolina Reaper. There's a global pandemic. Questions about affordability, accessibility, free speech, and Title IX. Rapid changes in digital, social, and marketing technology with an expectation for more personalized brand experiences. Complex enrollment pressures with new and emerging competitors. All dipped in an extra bit of spice—the questioning of higher ed's value and the great resignation. Meanwhile, the opportunity to impact the student experience, create meaningful stories, connect directly with your most important stakeholders, and build a meaningful career has never been greater. This session will outline the challenges and opportunities currently presented to higher ed marcom pros doused with a bit of milk, beer, humor, and humility.

Corynn Myers (Director of Brand Strategy) will present at Content Marketing World on September 15 in Cleveland, OH.

"The Creator Craze: What it Means and How to Ride the Wave"

Twitter launched Communities, everyone launched a creator fund, and TikTok became the #1 website in 2021. All of these events and more have built a foundation for creators to shape the future of social media. After months of lockdown and a global pandemic, consumers are pursuing purpose and looking to creators to provide an authentic escape. This means several things for marketers:

  • Niche, online communities are going to grow
  • User-generated, creator, and authentic influencer content will become a necessity while brand content will continue to decline in reach and engagement
  • Employee creators and employee brands will be differentiators
Join me as we explore these topics and provide actionable ways to ride the creator wave.

Alex Ahlstrom (Analytics Developer) will present at HighEdWeb on October 9-12 in Little Rock, AR.

"When Google Analytics Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade"

Chances are – if you're doing web analytics – you're using Google Universal Analytics. It’s one of the most ubiquitous tools in digital analytics today. But as of next year, Google will sunset Universal Analytics and upgrade to Google Analytics 4. This shift does not simply represent a new iteration of the old familiar tool but rather a fundamental shift to a new analytics paradigm. With GA4, Google is limiting the amount of data that can be collected (14 months) and will eventually remove access to all data collected with Universal Analytics. Failure to correctly implement GA4 will prevent you from collecting many of the web insights you and your stakeholders have come to expect. At the same time, GA4 presents opportunities with new features such as mobile application tracking, better consumer data privacy standards, and much more. Successful analytics implementation will help set your institution on the track to long term success, stronger data, and more powerful insights. This session will focus on how to successfully navigate transitioning analytics from UA to GA4. We will share strategies we’ve used with various clients, as well as providing suggestions to elevate the quality of your organizations web analytics and how to take advantage of the full breadth of features included in GA4.

Kevin Tyler square

Kevin Tyler (Director of Community Engagement) will co-present with Jenny Petty (University of Montana Vice President of Marketing and Communications) at the 2022 AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education on November 6-8 in National Harbor, MD.

'"From Made to Making: Healing through Branding"

Session details coming soon

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