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Performance-Driven Brands, Pt. II

Throughout much of the year, our team has been asking the question, "What's the future of higher ed marketing communications?" 

We've shared ideas, perspectives, and research on what's contributing...

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Why Community Colleges are the Hidden Gems of Higher Education

Honestly, you never know how good you've got it until you're talking with your friends one night and realizing how one big decision can really shape your whole life. This may sound a little corny,...

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Agency News — November 2021

We're proud to share the following advancements and new additions to our growing team. Read on for a bit of background on each person, and be sure to reach out to congratulate everyone on their new...

Have You Checked Your Website's HEART Health Lately?

Editor's Note: One of the fastest-growing divisions at SimpScar is our user experience team, and we recently spoke with our Director of UX, Lex Hade, who provided this overview for the Google HEART...

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Performance-Driven Brands (And Why They're the Future of Higher Ed Marcom)
The demographic cliff. COVID-19. Social and racial unrest and a renewed focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Challenges to mental health and the rise of the student voice. The elevation of...
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I, Copywriter: Is AI Copywriting a Replacement or a Tool?

Imagine you are a writer, by trade and by passion. You’ve spent years in the word processor trenches, honing your skill and maybe occasionally crying (just a little) over editing feedback.

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Agency News — October 2021

Another month of adding dynamic new team members and recognizing the incredible people around our agency with well-deserved promotions. Read on for the updates and be sure to reach out to...

An Interview with SimpsonScarborough Senior Research Analyst, Hira Siddiqui
Hira Siddiqui is SimpsonScarborough's recently promoted Senior Research Analyst, overseeing everything from survey instrument design to data analysis and insights building. In her new role, she'll
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A Brief History of the Higher Education CMO Study

Editor's Note: Our ongoing series about the Future of Higher Ed MarComm is focused on all of the topics that we believed were important pre-pandemic, but in a world permanently transformed by covid,...

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Gratitude in the Journey
Sometimes our greatest learnings aren't found in our successes or even apparent in the moments we experience them. It's a life lesson that comes with age, wisdom, kindness, heartache, humility,...
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Agency News — August 2021

We've had an embarrassment of riches at our agency between some well-deserved promotions and some incredibly talented new people joining our team. Read on for the updates and be sure to reach out to...

The Higher Ed CMO Survey FAQ

The Higher Education CMO Survey is officially open for data collection!

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